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'Prevailing Winds...'
The absent ruffle of wind has become something of a vacant fancy nowadays. In the immediate wake it used to be fantastically abhorrent, but now it's turned to something almost musical. Crisp, unwilted leaves can be seen floating haplessly around the deserted makeshift roadways, footpaths extend throughout the dead forests, littered with the deceased flora of a time once past, now gone. A Siren's song wails throughout the trees, causing a stir of life, it matches the call of the foreign, hellish nightmares of the land, at the same time mirroring the innocent lethargy of the common crow in it's elegance and form. Wagner's composition flourishing throughout the coherent flaws and faculties of nature, a sonnet for some, a warning for many.
Come to think of it, the wind has been rather strong lately.
In the way the dawn rises, fresh and rosy fingered, does the cruel wind strip it bare, leaving the tainted sky a mirror into the empty soul of the vox populi, a constant reminder of all that ha
:iconchocomcshreddy:ChocoMcShreddy 1 2
Extremely experimental collected concepts clashing.


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mai favowritez :::::33333


You Caffeinated Columbines,

Seriously, the boredom is unrelenting.

It's not even boredom anymore, it's more "Am I hungry? I don't feel hungry, but I feel like I should eat something to not starve. Okay, I have a pack of crisps, play games? Oh wait, my computer is on the fritz again". So I've decided to take refuge in one of my various hobbies to eliminate boredom; Listen to inspiring music and write. Though, I'm going against my early promise that I'd write a story, and instead here I am, blogging.

Though, in saying that, Richard and myself have an idea, an idea for which I must create the front cover. It is entitled "The Adventures of Oldham and Rintoul" and will be a neo-Victorian stylised thriller/crime novel that we'll work on together. It'll basically be a neo-Victorian take on real life, with some twists and such. It's mainly to alleviate aforementioned boredom and to exercise the brain a little. Writing for myself, however, is taking on a bit of a messy place, so to speak. I'm currently looking through various canon that I have created and realised they are half-finished, but in all fairness, the ideas are terrible. So they'll have to be scrapped, and I think I'll begin with some more descriptive passages and such before I move on to creating a short story.

I really should be extending my abilities in Photoshop however, but that can wait until I've squeezed my brain dry of words.

Oh, and I've found someone. Someone unlike anything I've ever known in almost every characteristic. She's really something else, and by golly is she worth every single moment I'm around her. Stirs my imagination and makes me happy. Creates crazy pictures of Pokemon at the back of a class with me too. :3

Also, she gives damn amazing hugs and has an awesome taste in jackets. ^^

Words kinda fail me at the minute, so I'll just sit back with a contented sigh, sip my coffee and muse upon my own thoughts of gleeful frolic. She really is, amazing. (:

Five journal entries this month, perhaps this is going to get quite crowded? I'm just awaiting Winter with excitement, the best time for Photography, is the cold season, in my opinion. Everything falls still, less time having to find the perfect shot, more the perfect shot just finds you.

This is going to be a short entry, I like filling in the fields at the bottom of this thing. I've got some 30 Rock to watch and some stories to make.
  • Listening to: I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead - Mogwai
  • Reading: Half-Life 2: Raising the Bar
  • Watching: 30 Rock
  • Drinking: Coffee?!


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Daniel Oldham
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I am cool.



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